We are pleased to welcome Lisa Witcher to The Senior Move Partnership.

Lisa joins us with a wealth of experience. A recent article from Lisa highlights how moving home is later life is difficult for older people and their families.

‘Moving house at any age is stressful and time and energy consuming. When you are young and moving to realise new dreams it can be an exciting and exhilarating choice, however in later life it may become a necessity for older relatives as they become less able to cope with their home. 
The decision looks like an obvious one to you; it could be long overdue as you watch the house and garden starting to turn against your ageing relative. Left for too long their health and wellbeing may start to deteriorate and of course the saleability of their home can be impacted too. For those in denial the decision is not obvious at all and even if it is, it may not be one they want to embrace.

Making a move in senior years is a daunting prospect. There are so many decisions to be made: where should I move to? How will I deal with all the professionals attached to moving house? Can I afford it? Will I like it? What will I do there? Who will I know? What treasured things/memories will I have to leave behind? How will I pack up/unpack everything? The list goes on.

Added to this traipsing around endless houses may just not be possible as mobility becomes impaired. 
Offspring may want to help but simply not have the time themselves. Modern lives are full to capacity and friends and relatives, willing and able to help, may live some distance away’

– in joining The Senior Move Partnership Lisa is working to support clients and their families through this often stressful time.