A brilliant recent testimonial for one of our Senior Move Managers Sarah Myers, highlights the benefits to the whole family of engaging a Senior Move Manager to assist with a later life home move. One very happy client and family!

‘My mother had lived in the house, a relatively big family house for close to 60 years. The house had become unmanageable and was beginning to fall into disrepair. It seemed a hugely daunting  and at times, an impossible task to everyone involved.

From the very off Sarah just seemed to have an innate understanding of what was required. 

She went to meet our mother and importantly a strong bond was immediately established which in time evolved into a good friendship and a brilliant working partnership. Sarah applied her no nonsense, pragmatic, and caring approach, always with a fabulous sense of humour! 

She was completely undaunted by the job in hand and worked systematically yet empathetically throughout the whole process. In the end she became a guiding light not just for our Mother but for us all during the moving process.

For me personally, she was also a supportive sounding board. The challenge of the move was exacerbated by the COVID pandemic but her calm demeanour always inspired confidence and direction, in dealing with the job in hand.

Once my mother had physically moved, Sarah then managed the final clearance of the house with speed and efficiency, so that it could be presented in a perfect state, for sale.

I can not thank her enough for her amazing help and we absolutely could not have done it without her. She has really become a friend to our family, who I would always be absolutely happy to recommend to anyone who is presented with a similar challenge‘.