When you get older and frailer your garden can become a mixed blessing –  a joy and a curse. For some the decision to move home is made easy – the garden is too much to manage and moving to somewhere with beautiful gardens but where you don’t have to tend them, is a great option. 

For others, the time lovingly choosing and nurturing plants and then seeing them flourish can be a real sticking point when it comes to weighing up whether to move home.

Over the years our Senior Move Managers have come up with some innovative solutions to help those older clients making a later life move come to terms with the loss of their own garden, by taking a small piece of it with them…. 

We identify the plants the client loves the most and if any of them could survive in a plant pot – we pot them up and take them for use on their balcony or terrace.

We help the client choose a couple of large plant pots and create a full season garden in them, daffodils, alliums, lupin, evergreen (for example) so they will have colour all year.

We take good quality pictures of the garden and their favourite plants – we have these developed and framed, so they can always remember their favourite aspects. A digital photo frame can also be loaded with garden images.

We work with some of the country’s best retirement developers – wonderful gardens and views come as standard – clients can enjoy all the benefits without the back breaking work. Some developments even offer gardening/ growing opportunities – for those who want to keep their fingers green!

An indoor display can bring all season colour – we help choose some beautiful indoor plants so the client can enjoy an indoor garden, so much easier to manage.

Nothing will ever replace a lovingly tended garden, but acknowledging the loss and offering simple solutions often helps to ease the journey to the new home where new memories can be made.