Moving home in later life can be a very overwhelming experience, especially when those wishing to move are affected by dementia. Full time care givers may not have the time or resources to plan and prepare for a home move. With the help and reassurance of a senior relocation specialist however, the process of moving home can feel like an avenue for positive change in the quality of life of those living with dementia, rather than an unfeasible goal. 

The Senior Move Partnership offers sensitive, bespoke support to those wishing to move in later life who are affected by or living with dementia; our partners are specially trained to respond with care and consideration to the obstacles to moving these special circumstances can create.

Downsizing can be particularly traumatic for those dealing with memory loss. A Senior Move Manager can help guide clients through the process of parting with their possessions, whilst taking care not to interfere with the clients’ right to self-determination. We understand that having a dementia condition does not mean that a person should lose their right to make choices for themselves.

The right living environment is critical to the health and wellness of a person living with dementia. A Senior Move Manager can assist with producing a sense of familiarity for the client in their new space. By arranging furniture and ornaments to closely resemble the layout of a client’s prior home, we can help avoid confusion with locating possessions. 

Our partners can also make arrangements for customers who may find a hectic move day too overwhelming to personally oversee. The Senior Move Partnership can assist in the planning of a safe and comfortable modified home environment – as part of our service we can organise any special request, from the installation of assistance technology to decorating the space in accordance with dementia friendly guidelines. 

Our partners understand that moving in later life can feel like a particularly daunting challenge when you are affected by dementia. Working with a Senior Move Manager can help prevent unnecessary distress during a potentially very difficult time. The Senior Move Partnership can be trusted to provide the professional expertise, empathy and patience that are essential when assisting vulnerable clients in making their later life home moves.