The Senior Move Partnership is proud to share another #HowWeHelp, focusing this time on how our Senior Move Managers provide emotional support for clients. 

This instalment is inspired by recent comments from one of our partners, reflecting on the value clients find in our assistance. Speaking on the merits of using a Senior Move Manager instead of relying on family for support, they said: 

“I find that seniors who are on their own really welcome time with someone who isn’t a family member. They often tell me stories of their lives with their partners that they perhaps wouldn’t retell to family, only because family have heard it before or were there themselves. It gives them time to recall and reminisce…” 

The Senior Move Partnership has helped hundreds of clients to move home in later life, and we never tire of hearing all the wonderful stories of the full and fascinating lives lived by our clients. It is always a joy to accompany our customers on a trip down their memory lanes. We find it can be a reinvigorating exercise too – creating enthusiasm for the new chapter they approach in their lives, in the context of everything they’ve achieved so far.

Our Senior Move manager also considers the importance of having an impartial person to truly offload to:

“[Our clients can] also talk about any worries they have about the move. They are often putting a very brave face on for the family and I always tell them it is fine to be sad to leave the old home. [I remind them that] memories and keepsakes will move with them, which I think is reassuring.”

Many of our clients don’t have family available to support their move at all.  The role of a Senior Move Manager is often to be a surrogate for that kind of relationship during what can be a very stressful time. Our partner’s skilled project management gives clients reassurance that every aspect of their move has been considered and that preparation is going smoothly.

It is common for our Senior Move Managers to be involved in a customer’s move for months before it sees completion; this time frame allows our partners to develop trust and rapport with clients. We understand that it can be exhausting working towards such an often challenging goal like moving home. Working with a Senior Move Manager can help keep up vital momentum during the preparatory stages of the move. Our partners are there to guide clients through the downsizing and packing processes, lending not just physical support, but the emotional energy needed to get the job done. 

Many of our customers have spent decades in the same home. We know that saying goodbye to your old home needs to happen on your own terms – we never rush our clients out the door once the boxes are packed. The service we provide is entirely bespoke; our partners strive to prioritise clients individual needs and wants.

We’ve received some wonderful testimonials from our clients over the years, praising our Senior Move Managers for the emotional support they provided:

“I found that being able to talk over which, for me, we’re problems, was so useful and reassuring.”

“At a time which seemed so traumatic it was good to have a Senior Move Manager around to talk to and from whom I received advice and information.”

“Our Senior Move Manager was sensitive to my Mum’s feelings and emotions regarding the downsizing of her belongings, and with their systematic approach and encouragement we achieved what could never have been achieved without them – a house move that was relatively stress free!”

“My Senior Move Manager was a godsend to me. They helped me both physically and emotionally – it was as if we had been friends for years!”

“Our Senior Move Manager had first-rate interpersonal skills. In a short space of time they established a very positive rapport with my Mother and other members of the family involved. Not only did our Senior Move Manager provide timely, clear advice, they delivered this in a sensitive and supportive way during what was a stressful time for my mother.”

Moving home can be an emotionally distressing time. The Senior Move Partnership works tirelessly to ensure we can relieve as much stress as possible from our clients’ later life moves. Contact us today to find out more about our service and how a Senior Move Manager could support your later life home move.